Become a CES Speaker

Call for Speakers will open on June 1, 2015, at 9 AM EST and remain open until 5 PM EST on June 30, 2015.

Session Topics for CES 2016
In May, we’ll be posting specific session topics for the Call for Speakers submission. In addition, there will be an opportunity to propose a session if you have an idea that is not covered within the session topics. If you would like to be placed on the email list to receive Call for Speakers updates, please email

Call for Speaker Submission Overview
The following information is to help you begin to prepare for the Call for Speakers launch in June. Please be prepared to complete your submission in one sitting.

Each proposed speaker may apply for up to three sessions. To do so, enter all required information for the first session (including objectives and speaking experience) and you will see the option to add another session (up to three), or to complete your submission.

Once the proposal is submitted, no edits can be made.

Information required for your submission

  • Session Objective

Key points you are prepared to address. NOTE: Session objective should reflect your expertise on the topic. It should be free from commercial interests and personal biography. You will have an opportunity to provide a link to you bio in the Speaker Contact Information section.

  • Speaking Experience

Speaking experience (event name, event date, and optional supporting link) is required for each individual topic but may be repeated across multiple sessions as needed. This gives you the option of entering the same speaking experience for each session you select or customizing speaking experience by session topic.

  • Speaker Contact Information

Speaker’s Name, Job Title, Company, Link to speaker bio or LinkedIn, Speaker’s Email, and Phone Number. NOTE: All fields will be required.

  • Admin or PR Contact Information

Should you be applying on the speaker’s behalf, there is an option to “Add Primary Contact” to receive all communication regarding the Speaker’s submission.

Submission Changes/Cancellations
Though edits cannot be made after the proposal is submitted, please notify the CES Conferences Team at if you experience any problems before starting a new submission.