On-Site Logistics

Plan the Logistics of Your CES Experience Before you Hit the Show Floor

So, you’ve registered for the show, selected a hotel and booked your plane ticket. Before you hit the show floor, you’ll want to plan the logistics of your experience on-site, such as getting food, stowing your bags and emergency contact phone numbers. Here are some of the basics.

ADA Services

Blind and Deaf Services

  • A Blind and Deaf Services desk is located in the LVCC, Grand Lobby, Upper Level staircase near Room N250. Call 702-943-3974.

Scooters, Wheelchairs and Segways

  • Segways are permitted at the LVCC and Sands/Venetian for ADA use only. Segways are not permitted at ARIA, Mandalay Bay or Westgate.  Scooters and wheelchairs are available for rent at these venues. 

  • Wheeled transport devices (with or without motors) are not permitted at any CES venue. This includes hoverboards, skateboards, uniwheels and all similar products.

Business Centers

Business Centers are located at the following locations:


  • Business Center, Conference Center, Level 2, 702-590-9750


  • FedEx Office, Grand Lobby Concourse and front of South Hall 1, 702-733-2898


  • Business Center, Level 1 Lobby, 702-733-5031


  • FedEx Office, Level 2, across from Bellini 2006


  • 11th Hour Business Center, 702-732-5052


Attendees are permitted to bring camera equipment onto the show floor. Exhibitors retain the right to restrict photography of their products or displays and such decisions are within the discretion of the exhibitor and are not controlled by CES.

Coat and Bag Check

Coat and bag check is available at the following FedEx Office LVCC locations, for a fee: 

  • South Hall 1 Lobby, next to Starbucks

  • Grand Lobby

  • Central Concourse across from C3 entrance

  • South Hall 2 Lobby (Cash only at this location)

 Emergency Numbers at CES Show Venues – Please Do Not Dial 911

  • ARIA: 702-590-7175 or dial "0" in hotel

  • LVCC: 702-892-7400 or dial 7400 if in the LVCC

  • Mandalay Bay: 702-632-7911 or dial "0" in hotel

  • Renaissance: 702-784-5700 or dial "0" in hotel

  • Sands: 702-733-5195 or dial 75195 if in the Sands

  • Venetian: 702-414-9311 or dial 49311 in hotel

  • Westgate: 702-732-5414 or dial "0" in hotel


Look for a variety Grab-N-Go kiosks located throughout the show floor. These food stations feature pre-made lunches, snacks and beverages. At the LVCC, you can also grab lunch at Luckys Restaurant, located in the Grand Lobby or Aces, located in the South Hall 1 lobby. You can also find great options and restaurants at Westgate and Renaissance. At The Venetian and Palazzo, you can grab a quick lunch at the food court located on the Casino Level or at the food court located on the Grand Canal Shoppes Level (next to the entrance to the parking garage). There are also many restaurants throughout The Venetian where you can have lunch or dinner, including the Grand Lux Café, located at the base of the Venetian Tower and at a second location in the Palazzo, Casino Level.


Your safety at the show is important to us. CES show management employs strict security measures, while still balancing safety concerns with traffic flow challenges. Attendees should allow themselves extra time to arrive at meetings and events as it may take a little while to pass through the show floor.

Here are a few security measures to expect:

  • A government-issued photo ID (driver's license or passport) is required to obtain your badge.

  • All bags will be subject to search upon entry into CES venues This includes personal items such as purses, laptop cases and luggage.

  • There will be an increased presence of Las Vegas Metro Police and special officers during show days.

  • Surveillance cameras will be installed at key entrances and freight door areas.

  • Private vehicles will only be allowed on LVCC or The Venetian premises to drop off passengers. No standing or unloading will be permitted at any time.

Suitcases and Strollers in the LVCC

Coat and bag check is available at the FedEx Office locations in the LVCC. See Coat and bag check section above for details.
Small, two-wheeled bags are permitted. For safety reasons, strollers are not allowed on the show floor. All attendees must be at least 18 years of age.