Exhibitor Manuals

Regardless of the venue you’re hosting your CES 2016 experience in, we have a customized and detailed exhibitor manual to guide you along the way.

The CES 2016 Exhibitor Manuals will be available September 1. In the meantime, use the 2016 target freight floorplans below to plan for moving in and out of your venue; you’ll also find links to some of the 2015 CES Exhibitor Manuals for reference.
You can also stay organized and meet important deadlines with our sortable Deadline Checklist, available in the fall.

2016 Target Freight Floorplans

LVCC, North Hall, Booth #s 100-6999 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

LVCC, North Hall Meeting Rooms N101-N119; N201-N246 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

LVCC, Central Hall, Booth #s 7000-15999 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

LVCC, South Hall 1, Booth #s 20000-24999 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

LVCC, South Hall 2, Booth #s 25000-25999, MP25000-MP25999 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

LVCC, South Hall 3, Booth #s 30000-34999 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

LVCC, South Hall 4, Booth #s 35000-39999 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out 

LVCC, Central Plaza, Booth #s CP1-CP30 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out 

Sands, Level 1, Hall G, Booth #s 80000-84999 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

Sands, Level 2, Halls A-C, Booth #s 70000-75999 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

Venetian, Level 2 Meeting Rooms Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

Venetian, Level 3 Meeting Rooms Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

Venetian, Level 4 Meeting Rooms Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

Westgate, Booth #s 40000-60499 Target Freight Move-In and Move-Out

Topline Rates
To further assist in your planning, you'll find our topline rates for many services at the LVCC and Sands/Venetian. For questions on these rates or information on other official CES venues, contact us. All rates will be available September 1 in the Exhibitor Manuals.

2015 Exhibitor Manuals

LVCC Exhibitor Manual
Westgate Exhibitor Manual
Westgate Hospitality Suites Manual (available September 1)
Renaissance Hospitality Suites Manual (available September 1)
Renaissance Meeting Room Manual (available September 1)
Sands and Venetian Exhibitor Manual
Venetian Exhibit Suites Manual
Venetian Hospitality Suites Manual and Addendum (available September 1)

ARIA Exhibitor Manual (available September 1)
Mandalay Bay Press Event Manual

EAC Information
Exhibitor appointed contractors (EACs) are independent contractors hired by exhibiting companies. This fall you’ll be able to register as an official EAC.