Press Services

In addition to press rooms and events, CES offers the following services to qualified CES media.

From interview rooms to broadcast services, find out more about the services CES provides. 

Press Interview Rooms

Each press room contains individual interview rooms that can seat up to six interviewers/interviewees. The rooms can be reserved for up to two hours at a time by contacting Jamie Lilly at or 703-907-7650. On-site at CES, the rooms can be reserved by stopping by any of the press rooms and speaking with the receptionist.   

Broadcast Opportunities

CES 2016 offers television, Web and radio broadcasters a dedicated broadcast team to assist with logistics, allowing you to bring the excitement of the CES 2016 to your audience. Not only will our team find the best location for your broadcast, they will also ensure that your technical and logistical questions are addressed. With thousands of combined hours of CES broadcast experience (and 24/7 onsite staffing at both the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and the Sands Expo (Sands)), our team works with your team so that you have the necessary connectivity and support infrastructure, to provide you with the best possible outcome.

The CES broadcast team delivers a concierge-style experience, working with you in advance of your onsite arrival to determine your particular needs, so that you can get to the show…plug  in…and be on the air!

Here's a brief rundown of what our broadcast team will provide:

  • Reporter standup sites, suitable for single-camera shots or live bloggers.
  • Larger broadcast locations suitable for two or three camera productions such as satellite media tours, network news shows, or webcasts, with sizes ranging from 10' x 12' up to 15' x 18'.
  • Radio broadcast booths which can be equipped with ISDN connectivity, a mixing board, and headsets and microphones for up to four people so that you can go live to your listeners directly from the show.
  • All broadcast locations have 110 Volt AC power ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 watts capacity, depending on the size of the area, and may also include high-speed internet connectivity, ISDN lines, or standard phone lines.
  • Some broadcast locations will have video, audio, or fiber-optic connectivity already installed and tested, and a nearby staging area for satellite uplink trucks. Broadcasters with special cabling requirements may bring their own, and our broadcast team will assist with installation and removal of the cable.
  • Certain broadcast areas may also be connected to “The Switch”, a nationwide high-definition video fiber network, allowing your video to be sent virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Areas for satellite uplink parking have unrestricted southern visibility of the entire US satellite arc, and access to shore power and phone lines.
  • Access to our registry of video production professionals and equipment rental houses, in the event that you are not able to bring your own people or equipment.

For more information about Broadcast Media Opportunities at CES 2016, please contact Pam Golden or Joyce Essig.

Other Press Services

  • Need to speak to a Consumer Technology Association (CTA) or CES staff member? Check out our Contacts page to get in touch with our communications team.

  • Registered exhibitors will have access to the CES 2016 pre-registered press and industry analysts list starting December 1, 2015. If you do not wish to be contacted by exhibitors, you can opt out of this functionality on your registration page.

  • Press and industry analysts can attend more than 220 conference sessions free of charge. A press or industry analyst badge is required for admittance to conference sessions. If a conference session reaches capacity, paying attendees will get priority.

  • To accommodate your busy schedule during the show, pre-qualified press and industry analysts will receive complimentary lunch for each day of the show, Tuesday-Friday. You will need your press/industry analyst badge to receive your complimentary lunch (while supplies last) starting at 11:30 a.m in the CES press rooms.  Please note: press and industry analysts that register and/or are qualified on-site will NOT receive complimentary lunch.